SHADE...LIGHT...MATTE...PERFECTION....That is the feeling I get from Kat Von D Cosmetics.  Yes!!  That moment when you feel as if the designer made something especially for you.  Today, I am sharing my thoughts on my current collection.

Palettes...The Shade + Light Face Contour Palette was the first palette purchased from the KVD Line.  Shortly after, the Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette joined my little KVD family.  Both palettes feature smooth application, long-wear and great color payoff.

While the Face Contour Palette is quite nice, I find that only 2-3 of the 6 colors work for my fair skin.  However, this seems to be the case for most contour palettes.  Since I prefer to not waste products, I sometimes use the other colors as eye shadow.  Naturally, I was excited to hear that KVD would soon begin selling contour refills.

The Eye Contour Palette is a neutral girls dream and comes with everything needed to create a variety of sultry eye combinations.  The eye shadows are extremely pigmented and blend well with KVD and non-KVD eye shadows.

Eyeliner...I will be the 1st one to say that 1- I have awful handwriting and 2 - my eye-lining skills are a work in progress.  A few weeks ago, I purchased the Tattoo Liner and my luck started to turn around.  I find the liner easy to work with, smooth, matte black, non-irritating and difficult to remove (which is good in this case).

Setting Powder...Being a "freckled" person, I find it difficult to use concealers and even more difficult to brighten up areas without covering my freckles.  For setting the concealer, I have tried a few different setting powders, but didn't find any that worked well for me.  After some research, I decided to invest a little more and purchase the KVD Setting Powder.  The powder is very smooth, light and seems to last all day.  I would say that this is just as good, maybe even better, than some of the popular powders.

Liquid Lipsticks...My favorite type of makeup and lippy.  Oh, did I forget to mention that KVD is also my favorite brand of liquid lipsticks?  Initially, when I tried this brand, things didn't go so well.  The first one I purchased was "Damned".  But even after lip prep, the color seemed to require multiple applications and didn't provide full coverage.  Ultimately, I returned it and decided to try something else.  I purchased two others and fell in love.  So far they are pigmented, blend-able and look and feel great on the lips.  I cant wait to add more to my collection.

Although, I have not tried all of the KVD beauty products, I am very pleased with the outcome and consider KVD Beauty my favorite brand.  As a bonus, this brand is almost completely vegan friendly and will be very soon.

Which  KVD products have you tried?

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  1. I am still kind of new to the Kat Von D makeup line. I only own one of her lippies and it was a gift. To date, its my favorite lippies. Reading this post makes me want to add more of her beauty items to my makeup stash! Great post!

    1. Yes, I feel you on the lippies. I aspire to one day own every lippy from this line :). You should definitely try out some of the other products. I am finding this brand to be consistent, which is what makes me want to try out something else. If you want more lippies, KVD is releasing some amazing Vaults this month and in October. Thanks for commenting.



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