Bullet Journal Beginnings

Welcome Planners, Bullet Journal (BuJo) Community and Makeup Lovers.  This isn't really about makeup, as much as it is about creating an organized life that includes, makeup...style....home....crafts...etc.  Being OCDish an organizer, or so I'm told, I am prone to using list in order to complete tasks.  To do this, I use Iphone notes or a sketchbook, which are both functional, but are not completely effective.  Needless to say, I am always on the lookout for a new way to organize my life.

With the planner world bursting with tons of beautiful planning systems, how could one not invest.  Like many, I was hypnotically drawn to the Erin Condren, Heidi Swapp and Happy Planners with all of their color and glory and stickers and accessories and....you get the point.  As beautiful as they are, all 3 styles were an EPIC FAILURE for me.  Although, I am a crafter at heart, I'm not really into creative journaling/scrap-booking my planner pages and prefer a more simplistic approach.

Epic Failures

1 year later after failing, yet again, with both the Heidi Swapp and Happy Planners, I stumbled across some one's "bullet journal page'' and was uninspired.  So, I continued my search for a different solution. 2 weeks later, I dreamed that I was planning in my bullet journal.  When I awakened, I knew I had to find out what the "bullet journal method" was.  And then my research really began......

I began where it all started, with the creator Ryder Carroll and the wonderful tutorial on his website bulletjournal.com and YouTube channel?  Ryder Carroll's website provides great insight into the creation and method and explains how forgiving this system truly is.  Additionally, for those who are searching for ideas and help understanding planning in general, I find that the bullet journal resources and community have been some of the best resources available.  Many of the planning systems focus more on making your journals pretty and less on providing or teaching tools for your everyday life, while the BuJo method focuses on you creating what "you" need.

My journey began on last week and I am very excited.  I am researching and planning my first month in order to begin figuring out which page style will suit me.  For example, do I prefer dutch-doors, habit trackers, etc.  My preference would be to begin this journey with an original bullet journal, because it includes the key, indexes,and tips.  However, it is sold out and has been for a while now.  However, that is a perfect excuse for me to craft something new:).  Here is what I did.  I simply took an old portfolio, purchased some new disc, quality laser paper and printed a dot matrix on it.

Do you have any planning advice or favorite BuJo sites you love to visit?

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  1. I'm a journal lover. I don't know much about bullet journaling. However, I am intrigued since reading your post, but that would just be something else to add to my journal addiction, lol. Great post!

    1. Hi there, I didn't know much either until I began researching planners in general (and am still learning). I really stumbled upon this method by default. The only think wrong about getting addicted to planning is trying to figure out where to store your planner supplies :) Thanks+

  2. I'm a journal addict but I don't have one in particular I just dive in... I have a 2017 -18month planner that my daughter gifted me and I've been enjoying it thus far. Hoping to add more content (stickers and creative things to brighten it up) but journals are defined LIFE when utilize right. Great post; thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Lynn, I agree, they are defined LIFE. So much that, I sometimes have to stop myself from picking up extras lives at the store... I admit, I really love the idea of decorating my journal, but I never seemed to get any journaling accomplished :).

      Thanks ++



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