Usually, I gravitate towards books that are in the genres I frequent.  I read anything from horror, clinical, urban fantasy, inspirational and spiritual to design and craft books.  But when books are released from websites I frequent, I tend to get very excited.  Naturally, as a fan of the Design Sponge website, I was ecstatic to hear that the creator, Grace Bonney, would be releasing a new book.

"In the Company of Women", a book focusing on 100 women "makers, artists and entrepreneurs" of diverse backgrounds was for me: perfect timing, of epic proportion and something that I would be sharing with my family and friends.

Because I was curious and eager to be inspired, I set out to look for the closest venue where the book tour would be held.  Luckily for me, one of the stops would be Atlanta. This 
would not just be your normal book signing. What would be different about this tour is that it included a panel with some of the featured women from the book as well as a signing after the panel ended.

On October 13, the "In the Company of Women Book Tour" was held at the beautiful SCADSHOW Theater.  The room was packed, to capacity, with all women(and 1 man) and it felt amazing.  I watched as a few hundred women, anxiously waited to be inspired while anticipating the entrance of the panelist.

The panelist included Grace Bonney, Rebecca Wood,Cheryl Day and Ashley Woodson Bailey.  Grace Bonney led the panel and in similar fashion, to the book, she posed a series of questions for each of the panelists to answer. 

The most memorable questions and responses for me were::

Question:: How do you deal with criticism?

"Take it in and do not respond. Consider the source and do not take it in."
"Have boundaries with people."
"Sometimes they are wrong."

Question:: How do you deal with the comparison game?

"Feel good about being yourself and forget about the comparison."
"Be yourself and everything else will follow."
"Saying that you want something else that someone else has is okay.  It can be the same as saying as you want to work towards that."

Question:: Define work/life balance.

"Work/life balance is bullshit."
"I'm exhausted all the time and happy to be able to do that. I love my family and I also
love my job but if I wasn't doing it no one would love me but the dog.  Why don't men have to have work/life balance?"
"I love what I do and I do it all the time."


"Changing the world through sugar everyday."
"People remember how you write a wrong says more about your company."
"Fear dictates our choices, so if you have to take medicine do it."
"Projects and businesses need their right moment."

I enjoyed attending this event and discovering power women whom some I knew their works
and for others I had never heard or known of.

This book and the tour left me feeling:

1:: Inspired
2:: Even more proud to be a woman
3:: Feeling like it is never too late to work on being a "woman boss"; and
4:: It left me wanting more......

Although, my experience and review are a bit late, what better day to share than on today!! Some may think that this books purpose may be geared towards feminism. But I say, it is a celebration of women. Not just the women in the book, but all women. I have not yet classified myself as a "feminist".  However, I do believe in the equality of women and say why not celebrate women everyday!!

If you are looking for a good read or some inspiration, this is one book that you should check out.

Happy International Women's Day!!!!

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